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Atticus Digital

Martin McCabe, Managing Director 7971855654

Atticus Digital is an award winning creative agency, working with companies to optimise their marketing strategies. Atticus has been producing high quality creative content for 20 years and is progressive in its approach to digital content, virtual reality, apps, video, animation and websites.
It has worked with many international clients such as the Australian Government, BBC, BP, CNN, EDF Energy, IBM, Samsung, Shell, Visit Wales and the Welsh Government, due to its pioneering work and progressive approach to making complicated information easy to understand, or as Atticus likes to call it ‘complex made simple’.

Atticus Digital is an expert in virtual reality (VR, AR and MR), 360˚ video production, 3D animation, website and app development. Atticus offers immersive learning experiences for advertising, entertainment, education and industrial sectors.

Atticus Digital is looking for potential clients and partners in the ASEAN region to develop virtual and augmented reality experiences, specifically for marketing but also for learning and development.

BCB International

Ben Simmons, International Sales 7792313393

For over 160 years, Cardiff-based BCB International has manufactured and developed pioneering equipment that has helped generations of soldiers, seafarers and aid workers operate and survive in some of the world’s harshest environments.

BCB International’s core products include:
—Camp equipment
—Camouflage face paint and nets
— Cooking stoves and rations heating fuel
—Ballistic Protective Clothing
—Customised first aid and survival kits
—Boat stopping systems

BCB International is looking to identify and meet with potential in-country distributors/wholesalers or agents for its range of products. The company is also keen to learn more about South East Asian markets: major players, competition, market structure, leading events and other marketing channels.

CSCM Group

Lionel Phillips, Managing Director 7734132105

CSCM is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to deliver and promote smart city programmes. The partners of CSCM recognise the need for towns and cities to improve their services to both citizens and business in a cost effective and sustainable manner.

The challenges that authorities and organisations face globally are housing, transport, security, energy use, water, waste and an aging population all at a time finance and the economy is constrained.
All these areas tend to operate in silos, however through the use of low-cost networks, technological advancements and sensor development, data can be collated and analysed to promote effective, innovative and bespoke solutions in real time to help develop an enhanced public service across a number of sectors making for smarter cities.
CSCM, experienced partners and associates, offer this unique project management and delivery service to country, city, business or urban missions and are totally product independent.

To identify a local partner to assist a larger consortium with a tender in the region.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques

Luke Keane, Technical Sales Manager 7477952370

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques has been in business for over 44 years. The company invents, designs and manufactures welding purging equipment. Anybody welding stainless steel will have a requirement for purging and its inflatable systems and weld purge monitors save the welder valuable time and money in completing each weld with brilliant results.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques manufactures specialised inflatable pipe purging systems from 1” to 96” and weld purge monitors reading down to 1ppm. The company manufactures its own thoria-free tungsten electrodes and a dry tungsten electrode grinder. The company manufactures mechanical pipe plugs and stoppers from aluminium, steel, nylon and solid rubber. It also supplies a range of pipe freezing kits with liquid CO2 and LN2 options.

Huntingdon Fusion Techniques’ products are used extensively in the Far East amongst the major EPC Contractors. Its technology is constantly evolving so it would like to demonstrate some of its new innovations that assist welders in achieving bright, shiny, oxide free welds.
Malaysia and Singapore are exciting and buoyant markets with many opportunities for Huntingdon and its distributor, Leeden NOX, with whom it has had a long and prosperous relationship.

Markes International

Dr Chris Llewellyn, Sales Manager - Asia Pacific 7841207440

Founded in 1997, Markes International is a manufacturer of specialist instrumentation that enables the detection of very small quantities of chemicals. Markes’ headquarters, technical centre and factory is in Llantrisant, UK, and it also has offices and laboratory facilities in Germany, USA and China. Markes’ innovation and business success has been recognised by numerous awards, including Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in Innovation (2019) and International Trade (2015 and 2019), and a Board of Trade accolade from UK DIT (2018).

Markes International produces instruments, accessories, consumables and software that enable the sampling and identification of volatile chemicals in air, water, materials and foods, often at concentrations well below one part per billion. This technology is used for applications including environmental monitoring, testing emissions from construction products and consumer goods, food aroma profiling and homeland security, as well as research into areas including disease diagnosis, chemical ecology and atmospheric science.

Through its own offices and a worldwide network of distributors and partners, Markes has a well-established global reach. The company is now looking to expand its network within the Malaysian and Singaporean territories, and views the Welsh Government’s trade mission as an excellent opportunity to establish and forge new partnerships.

MM Engineering

Stephen McDermid, Business Development Manager 7772131889

MMEngineering is a team of industry experts driven by a passion to provide flood and blast protection products of the highest quality. With over twenty years’ experience designing and delivering bespoke defence products, it uses its experience and expertise to create industry-leading products to protect their customers’ assets.

MMEngineering takes an integrated approach when designing products for customers. When it comes to defence there is no room for risk or error. Each product designed is backed by third party design calculations that give 100% confidence to the company and its customers that the products will work when called upon. The company serves a healthy export market in both flood defence and blast protection, using international delivery partners to provide defences to the same exceptional standards to customersin Europe and further afield. The company's values are better design equals better engineering and better engineering means lower cost to our customers.

MMEngineering is targeting engineering firms undertaking large construction projects particularly in relation to secure sites, glassed doors and floods defence projects.

REID Lifting

Timothy Battersby, Technical Sales Engineer 7834133313

REID Lifting is a pioneering designer and manufacturer of lightweight, portable lifting equipment for both goods and personnel applications with capacities up to 5,000kg.
The company has won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the Innovation Category in 2006 and 2013 and the International Trade Category in 2018.
REID Lifting has customers across a broad range of sectors from waste-water treatment, construction, hire industry, oil and gas to clean environments such as the museum sector including the Vatican and London’s British Museum.

REID Lifting manufactures lightweight and portable lifting equipment designed with custom aluminium alloy profiles to provide highly innovative lifting capability for both goods and personnel applications with capacities up to 5,000kg.

REID Lifting is looking to explore the opportunities offered by the ASEAN region, and particularly wants to meet with resellers and distributors.

Secure Sensor Innovative Design

John Griffiths, Chief Technology Officer 7966443048

Secure Sensor Innovative Design (SSID) was incorporated in 2013 to address the issues associated with keeping people safe in their own homes longer. SSID has been involved in many POCs with various technologies, most notably LoRaWAN. SSID was finalist in Smart City Expo 2015, and has since won many Innovate UK competitions which has led the company to sit on the board for Liverpool Social Services 5G Testbed.

Safehouse is a mains powered LoRa connected sensor that monitors electricity status, temperature, humidity, and has the ability to listen for carbon monoxide and smoke alarms (both for activations and low battery), Safehouse also works as a data aggregator for a further 8 Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensors.
The Safehouse AII (Artificial Intelligent) – an AI falls and loneliness assistant.

SSID’s objective for this trade mission is to establish new relationships with potential partner companies, with the future intention of being able to supply SSID products and services in market.

Teddington Engineered Solutions

Jason Thomas Commercial Manager 7919401268

Teddington Engineered Solutions was established in 2003 and combines the strengths of three formerly independent bellow manufacturers established since the 1920's. This provides Teddington Engineered Solutions with extensive experience in the design, application and manufacturing of bellows and expansion joints. Based in Llanelli, Teddington Engineered Solutions is a world leader in its field, and its name is synonymous with exceptional quality, reliability and design flexibility.

Teddington Engineered Solutions offers the most comprehensive range of metallic and non-metallic bellows and expansion joint solutions in the industry. It also offers an array of specialist services, including:
— NDT services, either at its facility or on-site
— Fabrication services, offering a full range of welding techniques, in-house machining and testing
— Design services from its expert engineers.
A customised design service and attention to the needs of its customers be it for original contracts or replacement and servicing work, is the keynote of the company’s success. Its dedicated team is able to handle any project, large or small, with all critical operations under its direct control from inception to despatch.

To enhance relationships and support its local agent for products and services in the ASEAN regions.