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Applied Genomics Ltd.

Biodiversity is a frequently overlooked material risk and a potential opportunity that underpins the business value. Understanding how biodiversity impacts and dependencies affect business operations requires timely, detailed and accurate data on species diversity, distribution and dynamics.

Applied Genomics deliver environmental DNA-based analysis services for the detection, monitoring and management of biological diversity. Our environmental DNA (eDNA) analyses deliver data-driven insights for deeper due diligence and more meaningful risk intelligence for our client’s environmental assessments.

Atmos Clear

Atmos-Clear Limited developed and manufacture a portable UV-C sanitizing unit for enclosed populated spaces where the risk of contracting the virus is high. The unit draws in dirty air, turning it not only into “clean air” but “cleaning air” which re-circulates, continuing to reduce microorganisms; including viruses inclusive of SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19 and bacteria.

Atmos-Clear Limited; a UK clean air technology company develop and manufacture fuel enhancement emissions reduction technology. EXO can be used in conjunction with almost every internal combustion engine including marine and gen sets. In 18 months of independent testing EXO achieved a 72% average reduction in harmful emissions across of fleet of 33 engines.

Bristol Braille Technology CIC

Braille is blind literacy, education and employment, but costs a fortune, pricing blind people out of literacy. Our mission is to revolutionise literacy, education and employment for blind people through the invention and distribution of Braille equipment. Only 25% of blind people are employed; of those 25% the great majority read Braille. But use and teaching of Braille is in decline.

Blind people who had previously given up on reading are reading again because of our product because our business is founded on a simple proposition: Let’s give blind people the world’s only full-page electronic Braille display; a Kindle for blind people, with 9x as many Braille cells as the competition, increased access to novels, textbooks, websites, spreadsheets, tables, sheet music, graphs and mathematics. And let’s charge them less than one-tenth the price per cell. It’s called Canute 360.


Established in 2010, Climateq is a family-owned company and the market leader in low cost, high impact energy-saving air controls. We manufacture the WiREMS range, an easy to install, retrofit PIR based control designed to save energy by turning the air conditioning off once the room is empty. Energy wastage can be reduced even further by using the in-built temperature functions which prevent the occupant from excessively heating or cooling the room.

The WiREMS can be easily expanded by adding wireless sensors to windows or doors which turn the air conditioning off if either has been left open. In hotel or holiday apartment applications, the sensor will also make sure that the air conditioning remains on overnight while the guest is sleeping. With the addition of the WiREMS relay module, lighting circuits can also be turned off at the same time as the air conditioner once the room has been vacated. All of this functionality is available in one simple control.

Pansensic Ltd

By using our Hybrid Text Analytics (HTA) platform, we provide the unique capability to extract valuable insight from the vast quantities of spoken or written freeform text data generated by consumers, employees, patients, and societies on a daily basis. Our HTA decodes the many complexities of unstructured human language so that, for the first time, it can be analysed by the full power of Artificial Intelligence down to the granular level.

Our capability is delivered through apps or our API, and our products include Consumer Research, Employee Engagement, Patient Journey, Mental Health, and Society Analytics domain modules, all with multiple insight toolkits, including emotion and psychometric analytics. We also have class-leading web-text-scraping tools. Our lead development is an emphatic chat-bot which leverages our emotion analytics capabilities to provide a new level of highly scalable engagement with interviewees.

QRoutes Ltd

QRoutes is a software company specialising in products that support the planning of home-to-school transport, including those with additional mobility needs (paratransit). Used by over 25 UK local authorities, it consistently delivers optimised routes, sometimes saving £1,000,000s compared to previous processes.

At the outbreak of COVID, the team adapted the software so that customers could use it to easily plan their response efforts, including the distribution of educational resources, food parcels, and protective personal equipment.

Scanning Pens

Inspire the love of reading. Award-winning assistive technology tools, the ReaderPen and the ExamReader.

Our story is simple: we were created to empower people of all ages, backgrounds and learning abilities with the tools they need to succeed in the classroom – and beyond!

Our pocket-sized, portable pen scanners are a must-have in and out of the classroom to aid students with their reading, comprehension and learning!

We’re on a mission. A mission to raise global awareness of dyslexia, and other learning disabilities. Our movement, #SucceedwithDyslexia aims to do just that – by promoting positivity around dyslexia around the world.

TISC Report is the world’s largest Transparency In Supply Chains platform. Our global vision is to eradicate modern slavery, human trafficking and labour exploitation from supply chains, by creating a critical mass of transparency data to influence corporate behaviour in their efforts to create a fairer, safer world.

We provide some key human rights-related data sets completely free and sustain ourselves through selling commercially valuable non-financial data sets and AI technology services. As a B Corp committed to building circular economies, we donate 50% of corporate membership fees to the anti-slavery charity Unseen and the Modern Slavery Helpline.

Versarien PLC

Versarien is an advanced manufacturing business which is a globally leading company for graphene R&D and production.

Versarien specialises in graphene powders and inks having purchased spin-out companies from the Universities of Manchester and Cambridge respectively. We work with companies from all sectors in order to harness graphene property benefits from our application data within their products. For example, adding the smallest amounts of graphene can ensure properties such as extreme mechanical strength, electro and thermal conductivity is maximised.

Versarien is the only Verified Graphene Producer in the world (awarded by the Graphene Council), as well as being one of UK Governments' Exporting is GREAT champions. We have a number of on-going projects with some of the world's largest Fortune 500 private sector companies (e.g. Airbus) within all sectors; as well as projects with the UK Government (e.g. MoD).