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Join us for a special webinar on how to boost your immune system to fight colds, infections, flus and feel awesome every day.

Do you often get colds and flus?

Worried about the coronavirus?

Or maybe you just want to start feeling better all round?

There is a lot of advice out there at the moment: wash your hands regularly, avoid crowds, take these supplements or a flu vaccine.

Ultimately, none of those fix the root cause of the problem which is having a weak immune system. When you boost your immune system not only will you massively reduce your chances of getting viral and bacterial infections but you'll also promote longevity by activating cancer fighting immune cells and longevity genes.


In this workshop we'll answer the questions:

  • which type of exercise helps boost white blood cell production
  • which food contains 50% of your daily micronutrient needs in only 100g
  • what simple, and free, technique can boost Natural Killer cells that provide a rapid response to virus-infected cells
  • how much does sleep impact the production of antibodies in responses to viruses
  • what 3 compounds can we get for free that boost our immune systems

This event is brought to you by our Healthcare & Life Sciences Committee.

Thank you to our Breakfast Club Series Partner, The Fry Group.

This event is a webinar. The link to this online event will be sent to attendees the day before the event date. 



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