Aaron Wong (Founder of MileLion)

Aaron Wong

Founder of MileLion

Aaron Wong is the Founder of The MileLion, Singapore’s authoritative source on airline miles, credit card points and hotel loyalty programmes. (https://milelion.com/)

Each month, The MileLion teaches more than 300,000 readers how to travel better for less, with tips and tricks for getting the most mileage (literally) out of their spending. There’s also in-depth analysis of the latest trends in the loyalty world, plus reviews of the latest premium cabin products and luxury hotels (and how to book them without breaking the bank!).

Aaron is a former management consultant who has flown more than 500,000 miles and counting. In his free time, he hunts for mistake fares, plans overly-convoluted award routings and wonders why airline miles haven’t gone metric yet.